The library motivates readers by…

  • Connecting individual students to ‘just the right’ book or other reading material
  • Providing opportunities for learners to see themselves reflected in what they read
  • Meeting a wide range of interests
  • Honouring students’ choices in what they read

The library supports readers by providing…

  • Equitable access to a rich and diverse collection
  • A trusting environment that respects the privacy of individuals as they explore diverse ideas
  • An atmosphere that fosters intellectual freedom and a culture of curiosity

The goals of the elementary library program are to foster:

  • Engagement in reading and literacy development
  • A culture of inquiry and critical thinking skills for research
  • Personal, social and cultural growth
  • Information literacy, and learning through technology

    When students are encouraged to pursue their own interests and passions and are free to choose from a rich collection within an inviting environment, they are motivated to read and their reading and depth of understanding improve.

    The Learning Commons can nurture good reading habits among students.

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