Not sure where to start researching? Baffled by what to do? Don’t worry! We can help you succeed with your project.

Collaborating & Learning Students

In this section you will find information, video tutorials, and all sorts of organizers and information sheets for you to download and use, to help you learn how to be thorough and discerning researchers, and develop the information ethics so critical to developing as responsible digital citizens.

We can help you plan your research, develop research questions, find resources, sort through ideas, take quality notes, cite sources correctly, and share your findings effectively.

There are many tools to help you through the research process on this website, and at your school library. Have a look!

Research Process
Research is a dynamic process that can be organized into four stages: Exploring, Investigating, Processing, and Creating. This section includes resources to help you complete each of these stages.
Learn more about the Research Process
Digital Citizenship
Learn about the importance of good online behaviour and leaving a positive digital footprint.
Learn more about Digital Citizenship
Learn about the ethical use of online media. Find resources on copyright and links to copyright-friendly sources.
Learn more about
Copyright and Copyright-friendly Sources.
Collaborative Learning
Teachers: Collaborate with us to enhance student learning in the school library’s physical and virtual space.
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