What Does Academic Honesty Mean?

When you are doing research, you are investigating facts, issues, ideas and opinions, with the goal of formulating your view of the topic and sharing your unique perspectives and viewpoints. It is your responsibility as a researcher to make sure that:


  • Your ideas are expressed in your own words
  • You know what information you got from each of your sources
  • You have used quotes correctly, and given credit to the original author
  • You have paraphrased accurately, and given credit to the original author
  • You have cited your sources appropriately
  • You have complied with copyright laws when compiling and sharing your research

But most of all your final product is an expression of your own ideas, backed up by your thorough and ethical research.

Worried? Confused? We can help. Use the resources in this section of the website and at your school library to learn how to become an ethical and powerful researcher.

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