OLA Forest of Reading®

Celebrate Recent Works from Canadian authors and Illustrators!

The Ontario Library Association’s prestigious Forest of Reading® book award programs are very popular in the Waterloo Region District School Board. The purpose of the program is to promote reading by offering participants a rich choice of current books by Canadian authors. Students participating in any of the programs read nominated titles and get to vote for the book and author that they think should win the award.

There are several award programs with different target audiences. The Forest of Reading fosters a love of reading and is a spotlight program for our school libraries.

Blue Spruce

The Blue Spruce™ Award

Target Audience: JK-Gr.2
Blue Spruce is a read-aloud program for primary students.Teachers read the books aloud to their classes and students get to vote for their favourite book.

Current Nominees

Silver Birch

The Silver Birch Express® Award

Target Audience: Grades 3-4
The Silver Birch Express list is made up of both fiction and non-fiction titles.

Current Nominees

Silver Birch

The Silver Birch: Fiction® and Non-Fiction® Award

Target Audience: Grades 5 and 6
There are two lists in the Silver Birch program, fiction and non-fiction.

Current Fiction Nominees
Current Non-Fiction Nominees

Red Maple

The Red Maple™ Award

Target Audience: Grades 7 and 8
Red Maple includes a fiction list every year, and non-fiction in alternating years.

Current Fiction Nominees
Current Non-Fiction Nominees

White Pine

The White Pine™ Award

Target Audience: Grades 9-12
White Pine includes a fiction list every year, and non-fiction in alternating years.

Current Fiction Nominees
Most Recent Non-Fiction Nominees

Le Prix Peuplier

Le Prix Peuplier

Target Audience: Ages 4-8
Le Prix Peuplier is a list of French picture books for read-aloud geared to students ages 4-8 or older students who are learning French.

Current Nominees

Le Prix Tamarac

Le Prix Tamarac and Tamarac Express

Target Audience: Grades 3-6
These two Tamarac lists invites students to read chapter books en français!
Le Prix Tamarac Current Nominees
Tamarac Express Current Nominees

Students who choose to participate will have the opportunity to:

  • Read recently published Canadian fiction and non-fiction
  • Choose the program and the books that interest them
  • Read for pleasure and enjoyment
  • Read independently and at their own pace
  • Engage in conversations with their peers and share opinions about what they have read
  • Vote in a province-wide election to select favourite books

How can teachers get involved?

  • Encourage your students to participate in a Forest of Reading Program
  • Read along with your students to participate
  • Read one of the selections aloud to your class
  • Encourage your students to vote for their favourite choices
  • Take a leadership role within the school by running one of the programs

Learn more about the Ontario Library Association Forest of Reading program.