Here you will find a number of reading lists for topics of particular importance to educational priorities in the WRDSB, as well as a variety of genres and recommendations to encourage reading among students.

Educational Resources

Educational Resources include Diversity, Aboriginal Resources, and ESL Resources. For similar topics, visit Pathfinders to find out more information.

Try some of these reading lists:

Finding Fiction Favourites

Are you a fan of dragons and fairies and want to read more Fantasy books? Maybe Historical Fiction is your style. Your school library is the starting point for finding great books for all levels and interests. You can also use the Library Catalogue to do a Subject Keyword search to help you find books in a particular genre by entering that genre or a topic related to it into the search bar.

Some popular genres are:

Try some of these reading lists aimed at our more senior students!

35 books you must read before you die
Side splitting stories to have you laughing a mile a minute.
Tearful Reads
Stories that will touch your heart and move you to cry
Stories that will make you shiver and shake with fear
Guys’ Reads
Books written for boys and men
Historical Fiction
Travel back to a different time with these novels
Dystopian Fiction
Terrible societies, repressive governments and world ending horrors
Ever get a song stuck in your head? These characters have!
Stories of deep passion, chivalry and true love
Hockey, football, soccer ball, basket ball…
Filled with steam powered machines capable of fascinating feats
Beware these freaky occurrences, not to mention zombies, vampires and werewolves
Supernatural Romance
Zombies, vampires and werewolves start dating
Alone and on your own, could you survive like these characters?
Tales of battles across the world

Not in the mood for fiction? Try some of our favourite Non-Fiction Reads.