Diverse Children

“We are building a culture of diversity. Respect, inclusiveness, and fairness must be part of everything we do – how we treat the public and how we treat each other.”

Shelly Jamieson, Secretary of Cabinet (as quoted in the OPS Diversity Framework, 2008). Ontario Ministry of Education (2009). Realizing the Promise of Diversity.

In Your School Library

Search your school’s library catalogue for availability of the following books, or to find resources to support initiatives related to Diversity:

Picture Books

Diversity Books
What are you doing?
by Amado, Elisa

Colors of me
by Barnes, Brynne

An annoying ABC
by Botner, Barbara

My best, best friend
by Child, Lauren

Get happy
by Doyle, Malachy

Leave me alone
by Gray, Kes

Great big book of families
by Hoffman, Mary

Silas’ Seven Grandparents
by Horrocks, Anita

Same, same but different
by Kostecki-Shaw, Jenny Sue

One love
by Marley, Cedella

No fair science fair
by Poydar, Nancy

Yuvi’s candy tree
by Simpson, Lesley

Perfect Christmas
by Spinelli, Eileen

by R.J. Palacio