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Search for ESL resources in the Library Catalogue by first selecting your school from the drop-down menu (defaults to your location when searching from school). Enter your search term, then click the search icon. A General Keyword search is the broadest search and will usually give the most results. Then refine your search by clicking the Advanced tab, and select your choice of Language, Collection Type, and Audience level. Example, Japanese or Korean, Fiction or Non Fiction, Primary or Adolescent.

General Keyword search terms:

  • bilingual dictionary
  • multicultural
  • Pakistan
  • Afghanistan
  • Chinese

Subject Keyword search terms:

  • bilingual
  • bilingual Farsi
  • bilingual Chinese
  • bilingual Spanish
  • multilingual

Non fiction Series for ESL Learners

Picture Books with Multicultural Themes

Online Resources

Tumblebook Library

TumbleBook Book

Find narrated picture books, fiction and non-fiction titles in the TumbleBook Library on the Elementary – eBook section of the WRDSB Virtual Library.

Language Learning

Select language learning to find books in other languages.

Story Books
A fantastic selection of engaging, animated, talking story books for younger kids. Students will enjoy reading along or listening to their favourite picture books. Note: there are a selection of story books that will work on the iPad as well. Click on the iPad books button.
Older students will enjoy this collection of read-along titles which feature narration, sentence highlighting and automatic page turning. Note: there are a selection of Read-Alongs that will work on iPad as well. Click on the iPad books button.
A collection of short, National Geographic non-fiction videos.
Language Learning
Find a selection of books in Spanish and French as well as a few titles in Chinese, Italian and Russian. Many titles are bilingual, allowing students to read the book in two languages.
Non-Fiction Books
Read dozens of non-fiction books on a variety of topics. Books are geared to readers from Kindergarten – Gr. 6.

International Children’s Digital Library

A wide range of languages and international titles with more than one language for most titles. The International Children’s Digital Library provides students with a great opportunity to choose books in their first language.

Find out more at the International Children’s Digital Library

ESL Online Resources