Selecting a topic and deciding on the focus of your research is key. Use the organizers provided to help you develop your topic and sub-topics.

Topic Web

Use the Topic Web to:

  • identify layers of topics and sub-topics
  • make connections between ideas
  • narrow your topic and research focus

Revisit the Topic Web as you delve more deeply into resources and discover more layers to your topic.


See a Topic Web Example.

Topic Planning Sheet

Topic & Sub-Topic Planner

Use the Topic & Sub-Topic Planner to:

  • show how your sub-topics support the ideas you have developed about your topic
  • make sure that you have at least three pieces of supporting evidence for each of your sub-topics
  • help prepare an outline for your final project


Topic Organization Sheet

Sub-Topic Organizer

Use the Sub-Topic Organizer to:

  • summarize your key points about each of your sub-topics
  • help you to assess whether you have enough evidence to make compelling arguments about each of your sub-topics, or whether you need to look for more

Revisit this organizer at different stages of your research, to help you assess your own progress.


Topic Web Example

This example shows how the researcher used the Topic Web to identify the main sub-topics for the larger topic, Global Warming. Note how the researcher has added additional layers to the potential sub-topics. This will help the researcher to narrow the topic from the very general (Global Warming), to something far more specific, like Coastal Erosion. The researcher might, then, develop a new web with Coastal Erosion at the centre.

Example of a Topic Web